Published Online: September 18, 2020

Canine facial paralysis treated with neural therapy

Bruna Aparecida Lima Gonçalves, Leonardo Rocha Vianna, Andressa Thaís de Souza

ABSTRACT Facial paralysis has several causes, consisting of absence of auricular, lip and eyelid movements. Treatment depends on the resolution of the primary disease, as it may be secondary to other pathologies. Physiotherapy and acupuncture can be combined with treatment. Neural Therapy, as well as Acupuncture, treat the patient as a whole, are minimally invasive, regulatory, and seek body balance. Neural Therapy consists of applications of local anesthetics in low concentrations in several body areas chosen through the animal's life history. The objective of this work is to report a clinical case treated with Neural Therapy of a Golden Retriever dog that manifested facial paralysis after a case of otitis.

KEYWORDS: local anesthetics, neuralgia, procaine (registering DOI)