Published Online: August 01, 2020

Treatment with Neural Therapy in an elderly dog with chronic cough refractory to conventional treatment

Bruna Aparecida Lima Gonçalves, Leonardo Rocha Vianna, Verônica Mara Martins Oliveira

ABSTRACT Cough is a clinical symptom of numerous pathologies that affects dogs and has several causes, causing discomfort, pain and stress to the animal. Neural Therapy consists of a regulatory treatment that seeks to activate the patient's self-healing process, using local anesthetics in low concentrations and the areas chosen for treatment are according to life history. It is a widespread treatment in many countries, however, in Brazil, it has a relatively recent origin. It was introduced in South America in 1970 by a Colombian doctor trained in Germany, Germán Duque and disseminated by Júlio Cesar Payan, a current reference in Colombian Neural Therapy. The objective of this work is to demonstrate the effectiveness of the treatment in an elderly canine that had a chronic cough unresponsive to other types of treatment.

KEYWORDS: local anesthetics, self-healing, self-regulation, procaine hydrochloride, respiratory condition (registering DOI)