Science Journal

Accepted: January 06, 2020

Neural therapy and auto hemotherapy, pH and conductivity of blood mixtures with procaine hydrochloride

Leonardo Rocha Vianna and Bruna Aparecida Lima Gonçalves

Aceito em 30 de dezembro de 2020

Comparative assessment of three yeast samples for wine production from pineapple

Ekechukwu, C.C., Ikele, C.C., Okafor, C.A., Igwebuike, I.C

Accepted: December 11, 2020

How groundwater level can predict under the effect of climate change by using artificial neural networks of NARX

Safieh Javadinejad, Rebwar Dara, Forough Jafary

Accepted: June18, 2020

Diurnal differences in the surface temperature of agoutis (Dasyprocta leporina Linneaus, 1753) and its relationship with the thermal environment

Samuel Pereira de Lima, Maiko Roberto Tavares Dantas, Thibério de Souza Castelo, João Batista Freire de Souza-Junior, Leonardo Lelis de Macedo Costa

Accepted: May 17, 2020

Using infrared thermography as a field mastitis detection technique

Ivana Cristina Nunes Gadelha, Fernanda Cristina de Medeiros Costa, Antônio Carlos Lopes Câmara, Leonardo Lelis de Macedo Costa

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