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Multidisciplinary Science Journal is the newest multidisciplinary journal of Malque Publishing. In this new journal, Research Articles, Short Communications, Technical Notes, Case Reports, and Clinical Cases from any area of knowledge are published. Articles are published under the Creative Commons license. This license was developed to facilitate open-access - that is, immediate and free access and unrestricted reuse of original works of all kinds. All articles are peer-reviewed and the publication criteria are based on high ethical standards. As a way of making the scientific publication more agile, the frequency of Multidisciplinary Science Journal is in CONTINUOUS FLOW mode.

Latest published articles

The potential of sewage sludge as a substrate component for seedlings of forest species

Published Online:

July 14, 2020

Treatment with Neural Therapy in an elderly dog with chronic cough refractory to conventional treatment

Published Online:

August 01, 2020

The effect of adding protected amino acids (methionine and lysine) on the performance and carcass characteristics of male Arabi lambs

Published Online:

July 27, 2020

Diagnosis of solid waste in a higher education institution

Published Online:

July 20, 2020

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