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Multidisciplinary Science Journal is the newest multidisciplinary journal of Malque Publishing. In this new journal, Research Articles, Short Communications, Technical Notes, Case Reports, and Clinical Cases from any area of knowledge are published. Articles are published under the Creative Commons license. This license was developed to facilitate open-access - that is, immediate and free access and unrestricted reuse of original works of all kinds. All articles are peer-reviewed and the publication criteria are based on high ethical standards. As a way of making the scientific publication more agile, the frequency of Multidisciplinary Science Journal is in CONTINUOUS FLOW mode.

Latest published articles

Systematization of a specific training session for surfers

Published Online:

May 5, 2021

Study of qualitative characteristics of the burger made from beef partially replaced by truffle during different storage periods

Published Online:

 April 08, 2021

Physical capacities and anthropometric measures between Crossfit® practitioners and Crosstraining

Published Online:

February 24, 2021

Bacteriological examination of Obibia stream during wet and dry seasons in Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria

Published Online:

February 12, 2021