Published Online: June 30, 2020


Methods of control of nematode Pratylenchus brachyurus on soybean

Gabriel Aragão Fernandes, Ana Luiza Mendonça Anchiêta, Amanda Azevedo Cassiano, Letícia Aparecida Oliveira,

Angélica Aragão Fernandes, Esdras Henrique da Silva, Igor Souza Pereira

ABSTRACT The root lesions nematode (Pratylenchus brachyurus) has become one of the main problems in soybean crops (Glycine max). Is a phytonematode of difficult management, due to be cosmopolitan and don’t having resistent cultivars for this nematode. The control of manegement more used is the sucession or rotation with more resistents cultures, for example the species of genre Crotalaria. The objetive these review is detail the control principles (exclusion, erradication, imunization nad protetion) more used nad recomended for the pathosistem root lesion nematode x soybean crop.

KEYWORDS: Glycine max, management, nematode of the root-lesions