Published Online: May 05, 2020


Current affairs about neonatal candidiasis

Camila Silva Aguiar, Andressa Silva Aguiar, Daniel Rodrigues da Silveira, Elayne Paula de Oliveira Holanda,

Rafaella Santos Furtado Cutrim, Yasmin Priscila Portes Meira, Débora Luana Ribeiro Pessoa

ABSTRACT Candidiasis represents a varied number of clinical syndromes caused by a fungus of the genus Candida. This study aims to analyze articles from the last five years related to candidiasis in neonates. This is a literature review study, where articles published in the last five years selected on the Pubmed database were analyzed, and for the search, the terms “Candida albicans” and “children” were used. After evaluation, nine articles were selected for this study. Since this infection is currently considered an important public health problem, elucidated by the high epidemiological indexes, it is very relevant to know the causal factors and their main species, to assist in the management and control of the disease, which is classified as easy execution by professionals in the field.

KEYWORDS: Candida, disease, neonatal