Published Online: February 20, de 2020


State of the art on nursing care in the humanization of childbirth

Amélia Resende Leite and Francisca Regicláudia Medeiros da Silva

ABSTRACT An integrative review aimed to identify the contribution of research conducted on the state of the art about the nursing care in the delivery of humanization in the databases BDENF and LILACS subsidized this research was conducted. To get closer to reality, it was decided by studies published in the last five years in article format, obtaining a total of 14 publications were used in this review. The results showed the insertion of humanization in childbirth in nursing education and encouragement provided by the Ministry of Health as well as the hegemonic model influencing behavior directed at birth. We conclude that it is necessary that nursing can grasp its real object and purpose of work and become aware of the role it has in the course of satisfactory parturition, where the memory of the patient about this time meets, and even exceeds, expectations created throughout pregnancy. As can also cause the professionals involved satisfaction and feel of the fulfilled work.

KEYWORDS: childbirth; nursing care; humanization