Published Online: February 16, 2020


Residual banana crop pseudostem for biofuel


Caio Henrique Ungarato Fiorese, Rafael Almeida de Freitas, Renata Paulino Belone, Otoniel de Aquino Azevedo,

Gabrielli Machado Bindeli, Gilson Silva-Filho

ABSTRACT In Brazil, bananas are present throughout the territory and, due to their high production, the volume of waste generated is large. Among such residues, the pseudostem stands out, which, when not disposed of or used correctly, contributes to environmental impacts. The objective of this work was to verify the energetic potential of the pseudostem and the feasibility of using it as a solid biofuel. It is concluded that the pseudostem has characteristics that enable its use as a solid fuel, has energetic potential and is a sustainable alternative compared to other fuels.

KEYWORDS: banana; biomass; waste