Published Online: February 08, 2020


Mesoscale convective system acting in the semiarid region of Northeastern Brazil

Micejane da Silva Costa and Kellen Carla Lima

ABSTRACT In this study, we sought to conduct a bibliographic survey about the Mesoscale Convective Systems (MCS) that influence the occurrence of extreme precipitation events in the semiarid region of northeastern Brazil (NEBSA). In this literature review were used papers Brazilian and internationals published in Scielo platforms, Elsevier and periodicals Mendeley. The motivation of this research is due to the lack of information related to the chosen theme, based on the concern of giving subsidies that favor the academic knowledge about MCS. To this end, the definitions, the period of operation, their origin, and their life cycle in which they include their formation, development and dissipation are presented. This study is necessary, since the advance knowledge of the dynamic conditions of the atmosphere favors the development and maintenance of these events, making it possible to characterize their synoptic environment.

KEYWORDS: CMC; MCS; precipitation; rainy; semiarid