Published Online: December 30, 2019


Forest fire in Brazil: is veterinary medicine prepared for intervention and rescue of wild fauna in loco?

Marcos Vinícius de Souza

ABSTRACT The urgent need to qualify the veterinarian every day for anthropogenic or climatic diseases makes it clear that veterinary medicine needs to qualify not only for disasters involving flooding and/or dam disruption. Since there are many human-made risks to ecosystems such as burning. To this end, qualification from the point of view of Disaster or Disaster Veterinary Medicine with a focus on fires is of paramount importance and requires speed, as these events occur every year and in periods that are almost previously known. To this end, articulation linked to the public sector, from the point of view of the cooperation of the Military Fire Corporation and ICMBio via Prevfogo, must be carried out with the Federal Council of Veterinary Medicine in order to qualify rapid response teams at national level. This article aims to sensitize and alert the federal, state, municipal authorities and the Federal Council of Veterinary Medicine of the importance of qualifying the veterinarian in face of this problem.   

KEYWORDS: fire; disaster; catastrophe; burned; Cerrado biome