Publicado Online: 21 de dezembro de 2019


Disorganized urban growth, the riverside economy and the Amazonian mangroves

Maria Valdelene da Silva Araújo, Luís André de Sousa Miranda, Julita Maria Heinen do Nascimento, Altino Francisco Silva Pereira,

Edmir dos Santos Jesus, Antônio Pereira Júnior

ABSTRACT Mangroves are very important estuaries for the maintenance of the environment; they stand out as the most productive ecosystems on the planet. The objective of this work was to set up a systematic review of the selected scientific literature whose focus of the research is "the impacts that occur in the Amazonian mangroves due to the disordered population growth". The method used was deductive, with analytical and exploratory research complemented with a survey of documentary data whose temporal cut was from 2015 to 2019. The statistical analysis of the data obtained was carried out with the application of Descriptive Statistics (absolute and relative frequencies; mean and standard deviation) with the use of electronic spreadsheets contained in the Excel software, version 2010.  With the use of Google scholar and the Scientific Electronic Library Online (Scielo), the authors obtained 13 definitive literature containing the descriptors used for such action: mangrove swamps, urban growth, and riverside communities, based on them it can see that the concern with these environments is low since these environments are vital for the community and environment.

KEYWORDS: shellfish; extraction; ecosystem services