Published Online: November 10, 2019


Sediment insertion in water quality and interference in the photosynthetic rate of phytoplankton in reservoirs/dams

Elson de Sousa Fonseca Filho, Edson Evanílson Pereira Melo, Gabriela Brito de Souza, Antônio Pereira Júnior

ABSTRACT The displacement of total sediments to lentic water bodies as, for example, in the weirs/dams, might occur due to anthropic or climatic actions, that change the phytoplankton biology dynamics. The objective of this research was to perform a quantitative analysis between the sediment’s insertion in water quality and the interference on the phytoplankton photosynthesis in weirs/dams. The applied method was the systematic review, with a deductive approach from true interpretations. The obtained and analyzed data show that the weirs/dams interfere in water quality due to sediment insertion. There were also indications that erosions, siltation, anthropic actions, and weathering, promote itself carriage, toxic substances, and heavy metals to water bodies. Ergo, sedimentation is a high degree factor of impact on water quality, because it increases the turbidity, hinders the solar incidence, and consequently, interferes in negative ways on the primary production of phytoplankton community and the hydrogen potential normality.

KEYWORDS: anthropic action, ecosystems, weathering