Published Online: October 14, 2019


Integrative review on the biodiversity and conservation concepts

Antônio Pereira Júnior, Emmanuelle Rodrigues Pereira, Edmir dos Santos Jesus

ABSTRACT The conservation of biodiversity is still controversial in view of the different concepts that this action represents to fauna, flora, and society. The objective of this research was to carry out a reading about the concepts of biodiversity and its conservation. You have applied the deductive method, with observation, application and qualitative coverage and past data were obtained from the bibliographic survey in open access electronic links and in national and international institutions involved with the line of this research. All data obtained and analyzed indicated that the conceptual idea about biodiversity is not unanimous among researchers in this area, which hinders the most effective approach among students, teachers, and society in general regarding the conservation of biological diversity or biodiversity. It was also evidenced that biodiversity associates genetic, geographic and climatic data, in addition to the specifications of flora and fauna, but there is a setback that the participation of society in conservation is still incipient, either because of lack of information or no active participation in the process, or even the concepts now applied for such action.

KEYWORDS: conservation of biological diversity; ecology; ecosystems