Published Online: September 16, 2019


Organic matter contribution to soil fertility

Rafael Vinícius de Arruda, Victória Pontes Damasceno Araújo, Selma Barboza Campos, Konrad Kroker Rempto, Giovanna Oliveira dos Santos

ABSTRACT Conservation management systems, when well executed, can have a significant effect on soil quality improvement. This work aims to present the advantages of the use of organic matter in contribution to the chemical properties of the soil. Organic matter (M.O) comes almost from plant organisms and its composition varies between different plant and animal species. Approximately 95% of N and S and 60% to 80% of total soil P are located in organic matter and are dependent on the mineralization process to be absorbed by plants. However, organic matter can provide higher production of organic acids in the environment, consequently improving fertility and agricultural sustainability.

KEYWORDS: conservationist; humus; soils