Published Online: July 29, 2019


Phytase in broilers feeding

Alison Batista Vieira Silva Gouveia, Lorrayne Moraes de Paulo, Júlia Marixara Sousa da Silva, Elísio Marques de Almeida Júnior,

Karine Oliveira Costa, Stéfane Alves Sampaio, Fabiana Ramos do Santos, Cibele Silva Minafra

ABSTRACT The use of the enzyme phytase in broiler diets has already become a practice commonly used in industrial poultry, although different effects of this enzyme can be observed, the research done shows that the efficacy of this enzyme and its beneficial effect. In this context, this mini-review aims to address the main aspects of phytase utilization in broilers feeding and its influence on the reduction of phytate effects on zootechnical performance.

KEYWORDS: animal nutrition, antinutritional factors, phosphorus