Published Online: June 24, 2019


The importance of Amazon biodiversity

Raissa Jennifer da Silva de Sá, Isabelle Brasil Félix, Gabriela Brito de Souza, Ana Paula dos Santos Silva, Antônio Gabriel Sales de Souza,

José Moacir Ferreira Ribeiro

ABSTRACT The absence of biological diversity has become one of the most worrying damages today since the disappearance of species and animal habitat on an alarming scale has been taking place. The biological communities that are sheltered in Brazil, hold much of the amount of biodiversity found in the terrestrial globe, this is caused by the sense of having a center of abundance and endemism of several species. The objective is to demonstrate the importance of the biodiversity of the Amazon forest for the maintenance of ecosystems. The study on marine biodiversity in the country focuses on ecology, taxonomy, and inventories, although there are also studies on several other fronts, which include modeling, genetics, bioprospecting, fish stocks, and other marine natural resources. In the international arena, the geopolitical importance of the Amazon has been defined by its ample stock of strategic resources, which provoke vested interests in the geopolitical tactics of countries and international organizations, by the possession of what environmentalists and ecologists now call "natural capital or intangible capital ". Logo¸ The biodiversity of the Amazon is fundamental for ecological and human development, as well as influencing national and international economic processes. In addition, it is important to know and understand it, so as to be able to explore without damage the diversity of fauna and flora, being a valuable tool to disseminate information about the Amazon region, encouraging the advancement of new scientific research.

KEYWORDS: marine biodiversity, geopolitics, climate changes, sustainability