Published Online: June 15, 2019


The relationship between the use of alcohol and non-adhesion to treatment in hypertensive patients

Francisco Arnaldo Rodrigues Júnior, Marjory Mayara Freire Alencar, Joabe Jack de Menezes, Pauliana Valéria Machado Galvão

ABSTRACT Systemic arterial hypertension (SAH) is a chronic, non-transmissible, multifactorial pathology that is accentuated by risk factors such as dyslipidemia, excess weight and obesity, sedentary lifestyle, glucose intolerance, and alcohol intake. In this context, the ingestion of alcoholic beverages has been frequently debated due to negative aspects such as abuse, dependence, comorbidities, with different consequences and a positive association with all causes of mortality, becoming a public health issue. Thus, this study aimed to approach the relationship between alcohol use and nonadherence to treatment in hypertensive patients.

KEYWORDS: alcoholism; hypertension; public health