Published Online: April 06, 2019


Biological indicators of water quality and climate changes

Raissa Jennifer da Silva de Sá, Antonio Gabriel Sales de Souza, Edmir dos Santos Jesus, Antônio Pereira Júnior

ABSTRACT  species is a bioindicator, when it presents or not, tolerance to the environmental variations. Thus, the importance is precisely to identify the relationship that occurs between living beings and environmental parameters and the changes caused to the environment from actions associated with climate change. The objective is to present clearly the importance of biological indicators in the evaluation of water quality, the main responses emitted by the aquatic community submitted to climate change. The data obtained and analyzed indicated that it should not be ignored that the biological integrity of aquatic ecosystems will also influence the identification of the needs of the population, whether for consumption, agriculture, livestock, leisure or environmental protection/maintenance. Therefore, studies have warned of a deepening and more frequent in the studies about the direct and indirect actions on the aquatic community, with that, to use organisms to identify the contamination of these ecosystems, is determinant for complete monitoring about the quality of the water.

KEYWORDS: biodiversity; biomonitoring; aquatic ecosystems