Published Online: April 05, 2019


Perception of nursing teachers in the municipality of Santarém on the use of ICTs in the classroom

Robson de Moraes Sales, Welligton Conceição da Silva, Lennon Junior Silva Araújo, Éder Bruno Rebelo Silva, Karoline Benoliel Gomes

Pereira, Jaime Batista Bentes


ABSTRACT Currently, with the process of globalization, several technological tools have been widely used to help in the development of society in broad educational concepts. The objective of this study is to identify the importance of ICTs in the classroom for nursing teachers of a Higher Education Institution, in the municipality of Santarém-Pa. The research was carried out between June and November of 2018, a questionnaire containing 5 (five) objective questions was applied, to 15 teachers that compose the nursing course grade of a Higher Education Institution resident in the municipality of Santarém- PA. The questions contained only yes or no. It is concluded that for the majority of the nursing undergraduate teaching faculty, the TCIs are fundamental in the classroom, helping the student's development, which presents good interaction with the new technologies. The class of teachers was deficient when asked about the dominance of ICTs, in this way, they should seek to improve and become accustomed to the constant changes imposed by these new technologies.


KEYWORDS: education; learning; student