Published Online: January 02, 2019


The Programa Municípios Verdes under the environmental legislation

Raissa Jennifer da Silva de Sá, Samya de Freitas Moreira, Mário Marcos Moreira da Conceição, Milla Cristina Santos da Cruz,

Antônio Pereira Júnior

ABSTRACT The Programa Municípios Verdes, in the State of Pará (Brazil), emerged as a tool to implement the "sustainable development pact" among municipalities considered critical. The objective of this study was the accomplishment of a quantity and qualitative analysis, with the deductive method, of applied nature and observational procedures on the Programa Municípios Verdes. The data obtained and analyzed indicated that, from the creation in March 2011, until the end of 2012, there was a tendency to reduce by 27% on deforestation, and a tendency to increase, equivalent to 51%, the number of properties inserted in the Rural Environmental Registry. In order to be inclusive and prosperous, the challenges for the construction of a municipality that falls under the title "Green Municipality" require continuous long-term efforts, with dialogues and the celebration of partnerships between different sectors of society, if they fulfill the current environmental legislation contained in this plan.

KEYWORDS: action plan; deforestation; sustainable development pact