Published Online: April 17, 2019


Management practice of nurses in the hospital environment

Bruno Alax Arruda do Lago, Aline Sharlon Maciel Batista Ramos, Kardene Pereira Rodrigues, Débora Luana Ribeiro Pessoa


ABSTRACT This paper seeks to present the importance of the managerial action of nurses in the hospital environment. An integrative revision work was carried out, which allows the interpretation of the content found. The Scielo and Google Scholar platforms were used as the database, and the descriptors: "nursing", "management" and "nursing management" were used. The results indicate that it is extremely important the presence of the nurse manager in the hospital environment, since it promotes a more effective intervention in the health of the patient through the educative and continuous process of the ones led, work and in a general context, which includes services, materials, methods and direct assistance. It is also noticed that there is a need to develop more work in the area.


KEYWORDS: nursing; management; nursing management