Published Online: December 03, 2018


Anti-dust, permanent and recycled floor: problems and solutions

Edson Maikon da Rocha and Cezar Augusto Romano​​

ABSTRACT The present work is a synthesis of the theoretical reference presented as part of the master's degree in Civil Engineering of the Federal Technological University of Paraná, which had as its theme the pavement and its varieties. This research was based on a literature review about the types of pavements, their costs, problems originated as a result of the flow and, consequently, the environmental impacts promoted by the exchange and maintenance of these structures. As a methodology, there were data pertinent to the research that led to the results, demonstrated that the recycled pavement presented better advantages as asphalt cover in the economic criteria and also in terms of environmental impacts.

KEYWORDS: anti-dust pavement; definitive pavement; environment; recycled pavement; pavement degradation