Published Online: October 29, 2018


The inclusion of the professional physiotherapist in the worker's health area: an integrative review

Daniela Castro de Melo, Monaliza Natalia Lucas, Sara Sabrina Vieira Cirilo, Renata de Sousa Rocha, Gabriela Sávia Sousa Reis,

Renner Gomes de Castro, Anderson de Sousa Escórcio


ABSTRACT The objective of this article is to review the literature about the benefits of physical therapy performance in the health of the worker. Included were 11 studies for the development of the work, which depict the physical therapy performance in employee health, in addition to research on sites from sources such as the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), Fundação Jorge Duprat Figueiredo of Work Safety and Medicine (Fundacentro), Ministry of Social Welfare and the Civil House of the Presidency of the Republic for information about statistical data and laws. It is well known that disturbances osteomioarticulares lead to workers absence from their work roles and, consequently, wasteful spending, with the aid and the loss of manpower to the organs jobs. Concludes that after a physiotherapy intervention, there is a considerable reduction of disabilities, acting positively in the prevention of occupational diseases.

KEYWORDS: primary prevention; occupational risks; disorders traumatic cumulative