Published Online: October 31, 2018


Water resources management in the Federal, State and Municipal spheres

Andreza da Silva e Silva, Nathalia de Souza Lima, Raissa Jennifer da Silva de Sá, Antônio Pereira Júnior


ABSTRACT The advent of uncontrolled population growth directly affects the use of water resources and, consequently, the environmental impacts on water resources have become more intense, which has increased the need for preservation. This fact, led to the emergence of governance, from laws, norms and guidelines. In this context, the National Environmental Policy (PNMA) emerged, which served as a basis for the elaboration of other laws and regulations, which aim to manage water use. The objective of this research was to verify the federal, state and municipal legislation, and the instruments used in the management of water resources. The data analyzed indicated that, the Federal Constitution has as its emphasis the protection and accessibility of the population to water resources. While the State Law adds, the planning and management of water resources according to the economic, social and environmental peculiarities of the territory. It is up to the Municipal Law to preserve and manage the water resources that cover the municipality, without contravening the laws and / or norms of the Union. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the means of dialogue and administration, as well as to develop incentives for state and local governments. responsibility in the implementation process of the water management policy.

KEYWORDS: population growth; national council for the environment; national policy on water resources