The care implemented by the nursing team to newborns

Francisca Regicláudia Medeiros da Silva, Fabíola Chaves Fontoura, Lorena Tamara Vieira Fernandes

ABSTRACT When born, neonates need to be observed and, if necessary, go to the Neonatal Unit, where they are treated properly and remain for a few days until recovery and discharge. The delivery of nursing care to newborns must be holistic, offering full assistance, whether premature or not. The objective was to describe the care implemented by the nursing professionals to the neonate in the Neonatal Unit. It was a review of the literature, with analysis and description of the content addressed. Data collection was carried out between October and March 2017, from the main online databases, such as SCIELO and VHL. Used descriptors as: neonatology, newborn, nursing care. They totaled five articles at the end of the search. The nursing care required for the well-being of neonates and the importance and essence of care make the difference in a qualified and humanized care. Thus, in addition to their daily tasks, such as admission, evolution, control of vital signs, hygiene, stimulate breastfeeding, guide parents, promote greater contact between the newborn and their parents, among other activities, the nurse must still establish a stable and affectionate relationship with their patients.

KEYWORDS: neonatology; neonate; nursing care


Published Online: June 26, 2018