Published Online: May 26, 2018


Hydroelectric dams and socio-environmental conflicts in the Amazon

Carlos Otávio Rodrigues dos Santos, Marcelo Coelho Marques, Andrielly Oliveira de Sousa, Dryelly Silva Ribeiro, Antônio Pereira Júnior

ABSTRACT The Amazon region maintains the largest drainage network in the world. In addition, the hydrographic basin of this region has a potential for hydroelectric power generation greater than the current Brazilian production level, which generates about 78,000 MW. The objective of this research was the accomplishment of a qualitative analysis between the relation of the Brazilian energy policy, associated with the development model adopted for the Amazon region, the conflicts that this originates. The data obtained and analyzed indicated that in the year 2016, the CPT registered 14 conflicts associated with water resources in the region, of which 57.9% involve hydroelectric dams. Thus, the relationship of the current energy model applied to the Amazon is imbalanced, resulting in conflicts with the communities where UHE's are built.


KEYWORDS: aluminum; energy policy; water resources