Published Online: May 25, 2018


Neonatologists nurses in the care of newborns with congenital malformation

Lorena Tamara Vieira Fernandes and Fabíola Chaves Fontoura

ABSTRACT Congenital malformations can be highlighted as anomalies that occur at birth. This study aims to investigate the nursing care of the neonate with congenital malformations, observing the strategies discussed by the nursing professionals in the confrontation of the found case. The methodology used for the bibliographic review was based on existing publications in Scielo, Bireme, Virtual Health Library and LILACS in all indexes surveyed. It followed as a guiding question: How is the nursing care implemented to the neonate with congenital malformations? There were 6 publications used in this review. With the completion of this study and the importance of the nursing professionals' knowledge about the topic addressed, so that it enables a specialized assistance aimed at the recovery of the neonate. It is important that the service engages more professionals and qualifies them to implement and develop the systematization of assistance with all its stages so that quality assistance is provided and that qualifications for all professionals of the service happen.

KEYWORDS: children; intensive care; systematization of care